About Mindfulness Creativity

Creative Mindfulness1Mindfulness Creativity is a form of Mindfulness practice that helps us to connect more fully with our own unique creative abilities.  In Mindfulness creativity, we do not aim or inspire to create perfection, we simply ‘create’ with no judgement.  We gently calm the inner-critic that may otherwise hold us back from being creative.  For me the act is totally absorbing, holding my attention and interest.  I clearly see my hand touching paint to canvas, ink to paper or holding a chisel whilst carving into wood.

Whatever the creative activity, right now, there is no self-judgment and the drawing, painting, sculpting, writing – the activity itself is enough. I am enough. At times, blending the colour, dipping the nib into the ink well, carving the wood etc,  there is no “I” here, only hand, activity and object, just this moment.

This is Mindfulness creativity.  We experience things directly.  We see, we express, without allowing an attachment to what should be produced or what isn’t or what might be.  We create in this moment, just as we can sit when we’re not somewhere else in our heads, whether that be in a memory, fantasy or some finger-pointing about how we’re not getting it right, whatever “it” is.

In the Mindfulness Creativity workshops that I run, I invite all to try to bring a basic friendliness to our experience as best we can.

Creativity is an opening that allows a response. It is a practice of patience, listening and just showing up.  Art turns us, if we let it, toward our experience–whether it is joyful or frustrating–with curiosity and the wonderment of not knowing.

We begin with just starting to create. Because we can, because we’re willing to do so.  We ultimately can gain the ability to see with fresh eyes, without attachment to outcome or not-good-enough thinking.  We can contemplate what gets in the way.  Bringing patience, tenderness, persistence and friendliness to our experience allows us to open up to experiencing the difficult, the challenging, the unknown.

Often things are only a problem if we feed them with our repetitive thinking and resistance. I see how this applies to everything. The art and my reaction to it is simply a metaphor for the rest of my life. It’s all a practice and for these few hours I’m not getting in my own way.

What helps you see more clearly? What helps you get out of your own way?

If you would like to know more about the Mindfulness Creativit workshops that I run, e-mail me and I will keep you informed.  You can e-mail me on info@raysmindfulart.com